The Love Generator

At 6:53 a.m. Snorrebaard suddenly wakes up. His heart beats fast. He hears his blood running through his veins. A tingling feeling in his stomach spreads all over his body… What is going on with him?

Snorrebaard jumps out of his bed, rushes into the bathroom and has a look in the mirror. Everything seems to be normal, maybe he looks even better than usual. The face in the mirror has red cheeks and smiles back to him. Well, then, maybe it’s just a lucky day!

He puts on a wardrobe and whistles as he goes into the kitchen. Krullestaart is already seated at the kitchen table. He looks at the ceiling with a smile on his face. Obviously, he’s in a good mood as well. But what is that strange installation made from twisted tubes in front of him?

“Good morning, Krullestaart”, Snorrebaard cheerfully says.

Krullestaart doesn’t answer. He claps his hands in delight.

“Krullestaart? Hello?”

Snorrebaard waves his hands in front of Krullestaarts face, but his eyes seem to stare right through him. That’s funny! Maybe his weird behavior is somehow related to that strange installation on top of the table. Snorrebaard’s eyes follow the course of the tubes. Under the table they are connected to a humming pump.

“Aha!” He resolutely pulls the plug.

As soon as the pump stops running, Krullestaart slowly recovers from his absent state of mind. “Oh, hello… Snorrebaard… I didn’t notice you were there!”

“Can you please tell me what is going on around here?” Snorrebaard asks.

“Don’t you know? Today is Valentine’s day!” Krullestaart says, still smiling.

“And what has this – eh – hypnosis machine to do with that?”

“Come on, dear friend, don’t talk so disrespectfully about my newest invention.” Krullestaart stands up and pets the spiral-shaped tubes. “This device is a Love Generator.”

He proudly explains: “You do know the phenomenon of electromagnetism, don’t you? Electric current though a coil cause a magnetic field.”

“Erotic attraction – I call it ‘ero-magnetism’ – is caused in exactly the same way.

Snorrebaard pulls up his eyebrows. “Ero-magnetism?”

“That love has to do with the testosterone level is known for a long time. Yet, I discovered that the testosterone particles in the blood circulation function just like electrons in an electric circuit: the blood circuit acts like an induction loop and causes an ero-magnetic field. Due to the differences in hormonal balance between man and woman their ero-magnetic fields are antipodal. That explains the opposite attraction,” Krullestaart lectures. “Especially at the erogenous zones”

“And your Love Generator, how does that work exactly?” Snorrebaard wants to know.

“Very simple,” Krullestaart says. “A fluid containing testosterone circulates trough a spiral shaped tube, causing an extremely strong ero-magnetic field.”

Snorrebaard nods. So that’s why he woke up this morning in such a good mood!

Slowly he realizes the tremendous impact of Krullestaart’s invention. Just imagine,… The Love Generator as therapeutic treatment against depression, as a special attraction in Discotheques, as a solution against war conflicts, as a source of inspiration for artists, as a…- he quickly puts the plug back into the power-socket – …as a Valentin’s present for the world!

The Quatschtronauts