Work-Life Diet

Each night before Snorrebaard goes to sleep he checks his work-life balance.

Does the number of Textbooks in his office equal the number of adventure stories on his bookshelf?

Did he drink as much cups of coffee as glasses of wine?

Is he connected to the same amount of professional contacts in LinkedIn, as to friend on Facebook?

Has he zapped through as many TV channels as he has clicked through PowerPoint slides today?

Did he spend as many kilometers in a traffic jam as that he went jogging?

Is the pile of unread market-studies as high as the pile of unread Magazines?

Does the number of nice colleagues equal the number of good neighbors?

Has he earned the same amount of money as that he spend?

Did he not just attend meetings, but also had a romantic rendezvous?

Yes, nobody should be able to blame him for not investing as much in his career as in his private life. Or the way around. When something is added on one side, he forces himself to make up for it on the other side ass well. That way, both his professional as his private obligations continuously grow.

Slowly, the aspiration for work-life balance results in work-live overweight: A new lifestyle disease that has hardly been recognized so far .

There is only one remedy that helps: Drop everything.

The Quatschtronauts