Holiday simulator

Snorrebaard sits in front of his Laptop and grumbles. “Work Life Diet”. That’s much easier said then done. As soon as you drop your private and professional responsibilities and go on holidays, a wave of stress is kicked off. Finding a destination, carrying suitcases, uncomfortable beds, annoying tourists… countless blog entries report about the bales of travelling.

Krullestaart enters the room.

Snorrebaard, my friend, may I invite you?”

Me? For what?”

For a test in the worlds first holiday simulator! While you were busy checking flight prices and security-ratings of hundreds of airlines, I made an invention that will enable us to comfortably, safely and cheaply enjoy the most beautiful holiday destinations. Follow me please”

Krullestaart guides Snorrebaard through the door into his workshop. But in stead of entering a room cramped with tools and materials, they enter a balcony with a fantastic view at the Hintersteiner Lake in Tirol. (Click the picture to zoom in)

In the holiday simulator you can enjoy a mountain scenery, safari, cruise or catastroph tourism

While Snorrebaard is recovering from this surprise in a deck-chair, Krullestaart explains all features of his invention. At a push of the button, the whole scenery changes into a dark rainforest with a heavy tropical rain.

Shortly after, Snorrebaard sits on the cabin deck of an ice breaker, that cleaves through the polar ice.

Look, here you can ring the bell for service personnel. Do you fancy a five course menu with a view on the Champs-Élysées? Or do you prefer a Thai massage with the sound of breaking waves in the background? There is no experience that cannot be simulated with help of the 180-degrees projectors, the weather machines, the dolby surround system and qualified staff!”

Snorrebaard nods in agreement. He doesn’t need any further explanations. He just wants his peace and quiet.

The Quatschtronauts