Snorrebaard and Krullestaart are having breakfast

“You know”, Krullestaart says frustrated. “On paper, we are analogue, but in reality, we live a digital life.”

“Hmm…”, Krullestaart answers absent-minded.

“Have look around. Everything gets digitalised. Information, communication… In stead of reading the newspaper, you’re surfing through internet during breakfast already. Even dating and reproducing is mixed up by electronics nowadays. We too are just bits and bytes in cyberspace. I’m glad that at least my cheese-sandwich is analogue.”

Krullestaart looks up from his smartphone. “What you just said is truly interesting … Food: Wenn will the last bastion of the analogue world fall?”

“But Krullestaart, that is a horrible perspective! If bread is downloaded from the internet, rather then taken from the storage room, us poor mice will die from starvation!”

“Maybe we should stop regarding ourselves as victims of digitalisation, Snorrebaard. This time, we should not wait until some kind of IT freak changes the food industry with a business idea that steals the cheese from our bread. WE ourselves will be driving the next wave of digitalisation forward!”

“Yes, but how?”

“You’ve just said it yourself! Digital Cheese, downloaded from the Internet! All we have to do is segregate the traditional value chain.”

“Look. In the future, farmers will just produce the raw material – milk, bacteria – which are distributed via the supermarket. By means of a “cheese-printer” (which looks like a mix between toaster and printer) consumers can make their own customized cheese-sandwiches. But – and that is where we come into play – not without an E-Cheese licence, which has to be acquired online from us.”

Bon AppétIT

The Quatschtronauts

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