Canned Sunshine

It’s well known, that a little bit of sunshine is good for the heart. So why does mankind still depend on the weather for this “therapeutic pleasure”? In wintertime, some places have six months of abstinence of sunshine! To stop this injustice, we developed a way to capture, store and discharge sunlight.

To capture the sunlight, we directed an old satellite disk towards the sun on a bright summer day. A tin can was positioned in its focal point, with a cap made of one-way mirror glass. Light can be physically explained as a stream of particles, Photons. The sunlight that entered the tin can was infinitely reflected by the mirror coating inside. After about one hour, so many photons were trapped, that they condensed and became liquid sunshine.

The filled tin cans can be stored for dark hours. Even the character of the light will be preserved! A completely new business will arise with the sales and marketing of different flavours of sunshine:

  • Baltic beach (Intense and refreshing)
  • Sunset (Irresistible romantic)
  • Siesta (Noonday sun for a relaxing break)
  • Caribbean (Also a holiday-pack)
  • Death Valley (Caution, extra strong)

The installation to collect sunshine can be easily converted for sunbathing. When a can is opened, the liquid sunshine starts to vaporize, and a stream of photons will be released. This light is reflected in the satellite disk, which appears to be a natural sun.

On top of all, this business has a positive effect on the economical perspective of African countries, and will fight the climate crisis. That, my dear Billy the Kid, will fill your hard with joy!

The Quatschtronauts