The org-chart orchard

Krullestaart stumbles  into Snorrebaards workshop with a watering can. „Do you have a shovel for me?

“Excuse me… I thought, we are an e-commerce company, not a garden center!”

“I know, but I have to take care for our growth. Follow me, I’ll show you.”

On top of the Quatschquarry a small plant with two leaves grows in a large pot.

“Looks a bit weird…”

orgchart orchard

“This here, is our ‘org-chart orchard’. Normally, organizational trees are grown on paper, from the top to the bottom of the page. But that is a mistake of course. You don’t have to be a biologist to know that trees want to grow upwards, and flourish best on fertile soil. No wonder, that most companies only expand very slowly. Look at the leaves: that’s us! And those buds… soon the first departments will sprout above us.”

“Above us?!” Snorrebaards jumps up. “WE should be on top of the organization, shouldn’t we?”

“Listen, my friend. We don’t want to become a miserable hanging plant, but a proud large tree!. We, the founders of the company should interpret ourselves as the supporting trunk of the organization. We secure the supply of lifeblood for the whole system. New impulses for growth should come from us. We….”

“That sounds pretty stressful.”

“Yes it is. But with a powerful fertilizer we will make it. Look what I found: A ready-mix package with all vitamines and minerals that are needed for a healthy organization.

organisation fertilizer

Let’s grow!

The Quatschtronauts