Canopy bed with dream-saving feature.

„Good morning“, Krullestaart says to his friend Snorrebaard at breakfast. “Did you sleep well?”

“Very well. I had a beautiful dream last night.”

“Really?” Krullestaart asks. “I rarely have any dreams. And when I have one, I forget them right away.”

Snorrebaard pities Krullestaart. “That’s not good. You should never forget your dreams!”

“Yes, I know”, Krullestaart says annoyed. “Oppression of my sub-consciousness etcetera. But can I help it, that my dreams go up in smoke as soon as I wake up?”

“Of course you can! Why don’t you try my canopy bed with dream-saving feature? Come on, I’ll show you my bedroom.”

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“Dreams are exhaled during sleep. Therefore I have built an extraction hood into the canopy of my bed. The exhalation is lead into a cooled glass tube for condensation. The next morning I sort the condensate into my collection of dreams.”

“And you think that those small bottles contain anything else but water?” Krullestaart asks sceptically. “Can I have one? With help of the spectrometer in our laboratory I could check whether any dreams can be identified.”

“That won’t work. You know, it is just like homeopathic medicin: Even though no active substances are contained by the solution, the water can memorize information and trigger physical reactions in your body.”

Snorrebaard picks a flacon from the front row. “Here, speckle some drops behind your ears and take a nap: you will find out what occupied my mind last night.”

Dream on!

The Quatschtronauts