Watching Vidi-Vino

Just before midnight, Snorrebaard leaves his office. Through the the open door of the workshop, he sees how Krullestaart intensively watches his laptop.

“Krullestaart! Still busy?”

Krullestaart quickly puts the screen down.

“Eeeh, uuuh… no, well… I was just having a view”

“Ah, I understand! Facebook again? Or picures of cute naked mice-ladies?”

“No, this here ist much better!”

“Really? What is it?”

“Allright then, I’ll show you my secret,” Krullestaart says, as he opens up his Laptop.

Snorrebaard has a look over his shoulder and raises his eyebrows.

“A picture of a half-empty glass of wine… not very exiting.”

“Just wait!” Krullestaart shows the next picture. The glass has been refilled. The bottle of wine next to the glass is almost empty. The picture is a bit blurry.

“And, does it have any effect?” he asks his friend.

“Yes, I feel a bit dizzy somehow…. but it’s pleasant… pleasantly dizzy.”

“Right! You are tipsy!” krullestaart says.

“From a picture? How does that work?”

“Very simple. Just like pornographic pictures can turn you on, pictures of alcoholic consumption can put you into a state of drunkenness. Here, watch this!”

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Snorrebaard has difficulty with the focus. The view of the picture forces him to lay down on the keyboard.

“Ooooh…” he groans. “I think, I get sick…”

Krullestaart quickly closes the picture. After just a few seconds Krullestaart starts to feel better again.

“Wow!”, he says. ”I’d never thought that I could get drunk from pictures!”

“Drunk without hang-over”, Krullestaart says. “I tell you, this Cyberbooze is fantastic!”

If Snorrebaard is in his right mind again, he contemplates: “We should market those photo’s online. From whom did you get them?”

“From some washed-up Italian photographer…”

“Great. We buy all the pictures – strategic acquisition we call that – and sell tthem on the internet!” Snorrebaard euphorically says.


The Quatschtronauts.