Mielathlon trainer versus bodytoaster

„Where have you been?“, Snorrebaard wants to know, as Krullestaart enters the office with wet fur at 10:30.

„Sorry for being late, but I really had to do some sports today. Due to all the office-work I have a lack of physical exercise… combined with all the E-Cheese tasting… I’m really getting fat!”

„What sports do you do?“, Snorrebaard asks.

„Ah, just a bit of fitness training. They have a new Mielathlon trainer at the studio. It’s really fun.”

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„And the best thing is yet to come!“, Krullestaart explains enthusiastically, „Once the door is closed, you must continue, otherwise…“

„You know, for me that’s all too slow. This weekend the weather will be good. I must be in shape to wear my swimming trunks by then.“

„The way you look, impossible!” Krullestaart jeers.

“Haha! Haven’t you read the latest report of our research department? As they were searching for new proteins to print cheese, they accidentally came across Monomuscles.”


“Exactly. These are building blocks, that can be transformed into muscels.”

“All by themselves?”

“Allmost. Principally, it’s like plastics: First, monomers are linked by means of polymerization into long plastic molecules. Then these Polymers are injection moulded to make products. Similarly, Monomuscles have to be transformed into polymuscels, also called myofibril. And to make sure that new muscle fibres will develop at the right places, I developed the body toaster. Inside, your body is heated and pressed into shape. In just 30 minutes you will be adonised.


“Do you want to borrow my mold?”

“No.. thanks. I’m still aching from the workout this morning.”

The Quatschtronauts.