Stuttgart 65 mln. years BC

A new feasibility study related to the project “Stuttgart 21” has revealed an unexpected discovery: Who would have thought, that for 65 million years a similar building project became their undoing?

The Quatschtronauts, experts for Sense and nonsense in civil and underground engineering, have been assigned to propose alternative Solutions for the planned tunnels between Wendlingen and Merklingen. Amongst others, it had to be proved whether the existing network of caves under the Schwabian Alb could be used for railway services, rather then drilling new tunnels.

Investigating a new underground passage, the Quatschtronauts found several fossil dinosaurs. This kind of discovery is nothing special. Near Nusplingen for example, there are plenty of such fossils. In this case however, the skeletons they found showed an unusual position of the bones. It seamed, that the animals had died during some kind of construction work.

Archaeologists proved that the Quatchtronauts found a so far unknown species of dinosaur: the Mappusaurus Rex. The wooden bars that had been carried along by the dinosaurs show that the prehistoric reptiles were capable of much more complicated tasks then generally assumed so far. The shape and position of the wooden bars allow the conclusion, that they practiced an early type of railway construction.

By an elaborated research in the Schwabian archives, the Quatschtronauts could reconstruct the original building plans. Remarkably, the plan shows many parallels to the controversial project “Stuttgart 21”. Obviously the Dinosaurs also tried to reduce the time needed to travel from “Dinopolis” (today called Stuttgart) and “Dorf am Dinosau” (present Ulm an der Donau) by means of a new railway track. According the newest findings, the caves in the Schwäbian Alb must be interpreted as tunnels and test diggings.

One thing is clear: In spite of advanced technical skills, the dinosaurs have overreached themselves. The countless fossil bones in the depth of the earth bear witness to the deadly outcome of the biggest catastrophe in the history of construction sites – at least until today.

The Quatschtronauts