Airtube – live saving equipment in case you fall through the ice

Krullestaart has almost left the house, when Snorrebaard calls after him. “Krullestaart! Stop! Where are you going?”

“Eh… Ice skating”

“ICE SKATING!!!??? That is much too dangerous! The isn’t thick enough yet! Do you want to kill yourself? That’s an absolutely irresponsible plan! I won’t crawl over the ice to save you!”

That’s exactly the type of discussion Krullestaart had tried to avoid. He knows what he is doing. As a child, he was always as one of the first on the ice. He has skated hundreds of kilometres through the Dutch polder and on the Frisian Lakes – alone. It always went well. He will sense the threat before he falls through…

Snorrebaard seems to read his thoughts: Here around Berlin the waters are different from the ones in Holland. Here there are currents, mysterious warm-wetter-wells, brittle snowy ice, strange bird-holes.”

“Well then…” Krullestaart sights: “Then my eleven-city-tour will have to wait for me for a little while.”

He puts his ice skates back near the heating and disappears into his workshop. He won’t give up that easy…

Airtube, a live saving equipment in case you fall through the ice. Just like an Airbag, the rubber tube belt is instantly inflated as soon as it contacts water . Cartoon Christian Ridder, Funny, Iceskating

It giet oan!*

*) Frisian for “The eleven city tour will take place”

The Quatschtronauts