Recently, the results of an international bird-research have been published, for which thousands of birds have been interviewed about their emotional state of mind. According to the report, Hummingbirds are the happiest birds amongst all.

Why? The big difference to other species of bird cannot be explained by parameter like the availability of food or nest-temperature alone. For a better understanding of the causes, we exposed ourselves in the laboratory to the same sensory stimuli that a hummingbird experiences.

Hummungbird laboratory simulation

The effect of the 40 Hz vibrations on drinking elder lemonade and viewing flowery pictures exceeded all our expectations. All of a sudden colours seem to explode, while honey-sweet fantasies were running wild in our heads! No wonder, that we felt the temptation to repeat the experiment as soon as the spin-drying program was finished. It felt like being on drugs…

A blood test confirmed our assumption. The sensory stimuli cause the release of a so far unknown neurotransmitter. This substance is similar to dopamine, both in its physical effect as its chemical structure. We name it “Hummingbirdine”.

We propose: “Butterflies in your stomach” should be renamed in “Hummingbirds in your brain”

The Quatschtronauts