A sheep cloud called Daisy

“Hurry up, Snorrebaard! You must see this!”, Krullestaart excitedly sais, as she stumbles into Quatsch Quarry. “A masacre!”

Together they climb up the hill and peer into the grey cloudy sky.

“Do you see those poor sheep clouds over there?. They have grown such a warm winter fur, that you can hardly recognize them anymore. Due to their weight they have to fly very low…. And now the storm blows them into the windmill, which cuts them into pieces!”

“You think they are cut into pieces? I think they get shaved!”


“Right. Just feel this powder snow coming down. That is 100% sheep cloud wool. If you look close to the windmill, you will see the shaven lamb clouds rushing into the sky.”

“So, that isn’t a massacre after all?”

“No Krullestaart, that is a meteorological sensation… Daisy isn’t a weather depression, she is a sheep cloud!”

Daisy snow weather depression

Shortly after, we scientifically verified our groundbreaking thesis. Et voilà! We could prove a 100% correlation between the increase of snowfall and the number of erected windmills!

The extraordinary snowfall this winter is a direct result of the incentive scheme for sustainable energy production…. Not even Erwin Kroll has thought about that!

The Quatschtronauts