So what’s up? Your family is far away right now? In that case, we may have something for you… The Telekiss

Modern communication technology is able to transmit sounds in real time and pictures in high definition. However, the transmission of other senses is still technically unsolved. We have challenged ourselves, to convey the ultimate sensation: The kiss.

What is a kiss? If we ignore all the romantic stuff, it’s basically to pairs of lips, sticking together due to suction. Kissing is the continuous interaction to keep up the suction, the connection, the kiss.

To enable this feeling over distance, we developed – as follow-up of the telephone and the television – the telekiss.

The first pneumatic prototype was a simple tube with two mouthpieces. The air in the tube transmits the suction directly from mouthpiece to mouthpiece. Unfortunately the results of the user experience test were terribly poor. The longer the tube, the more effort it took to create a sensible difference in pressure. This was hard work and had nothing to do with kissing!

telekiss Kopie

We solved this with our improved hydrolic model. Inside the mouthpiece, a tongue-shaped membrane conveys the air pressure to a fluid. Due to the high density of the fluid, kisses can be transmitted over a long distance, without a loss of suction. The users were excited. However, we were confronted with a new problem: There is no such thing as a worldwide network of hydraulic tubes.

So here is our final product: the electric telekiss. Again, the differences in air pressure are conveyed to a fluid. The fluid moves a magnet, which generate a signal in an electronic coil. The telephone network transmits the signal to the receiving Telekiss, which  reconverts the signals into a kiss.

A wireless, mobile version of the Telekiss, based upon the GSM Network, is under development.

The Quatschtronauts