Advertisement IS rocket science

“Now we have a top product and a lot of seed capital… how are we going to draw attention to our business?”, Krullestaart sighted. “In the real world, virtually every wall is covered with billboards, magazines can hardly be distinguished from promotionl flyers, and in cyberspace you have to be careful not to get shot by guerilla-marketeers… Only the man in the moon has his peace.”

“What is a stunning idea!”, Snorrebaard says. “The moon! Imagine, you look up into the sky at night and you see how the man in the moon recommends our product! We just have to make a trip to the moon and plant a giant flag in the ground.”

“I recently invented a new way to transport heavy loads into space. Look, in stead of launching an ordinary rocket, we will utilize the energy from the interior of the earth!”

Seismological analyses have indicated that at the Eyjafjalla-glacier the conditions are optimal for our experiment. In case of a volcanic eruption the forces are extra strong due to the steam of the melting glacier. We will be catapulted high enough to escape gravity.”

“Well then… get your suitcase packed, Snorrebaard. The last plane to Reykjavik will take off in a few hours.”

The Quatschtronauts.

Note from the editor:

Since Wednesday last week, I have not received any messages from the Quatschtronauts in my mental in-box. It is speculated, that the unidentified flying object in the upper right of this close-up photo made by a military reconnaissance mission is related to their disappearance.