Frozen Time Zone

It’s half past four in the morning and Krullestaart sits wide awake on Snorrebaards bed.

“So, what is you first impression about Cuba?” Snorrebaard asks.

“I like it! Except for the time difference… it really drives me crazy.”

“Hmm”, Snorrebaard says. “The Quatschtronauts should be able to do something about it, right?”

All the sudden Krullestaart jumps up and down the bed. “Of course! It’s easy! The earth should be flat!”

Near to the Equator the perfect tool is available: the crescent moon, as sharp as a cheese knife. We cut the globe from the north to the south in two halves. Everything else will be completed by the centrifugal forces due to the earth’s rotation. Soon two new flat continents will appear!

If Galileo (and many others before) would not have argued that the earth is a globe, rather than a dish, we could have avoid all this effort.

Sleep well!

The Quatschtronauts
(With special thanks to Salome featuring Krullestaart)