I can’t understand, how you are able to wear a headset during work,“ Snorrebaard says. „Especially when the weather is that warm!“

„This isn’t a headset, this is a Coolman! I need this device to avoid that my dual-core brain processor doesn’t get overheated!” Krullestaart answers.

“I’m lost… can you please use simple expressions. It’s so hot today, I can not concentrate very well.”

“You see? That’s the point! Due to the heat, only half of your brain is working. That’s called single-core brain processing.”

“And why is only 50% working?”, Snorrebaard asks.

“Overheating. When the operation temperature gets too hot, one half of the brain is automatically switched off.”

“Isn’t that dangerous?”

“In summertime, it can even happen that both halfs have to turn off. Especially humans are at risk,” Krullestaart says.

“Humans? Why are humans at risk?”

“Something went wrong during the cause of evolution. I have a theory, that the growth of their ears could not keep up with the development of their brain. Compared to other mammals their Ear/Brain Quotient (EBQ) is particularly low.”

Elephant, Human, Rabbit, Christian Ridder, Brain, Ear, Cartoon, Fun

“Ear/Brain Quotient? What is the relationship between ears and thinking capabilities?” Snorrebaard wants to know.

“Look at this picture. The ears are the radiators of your grey cells. Blood is pumped from top of your brain into your ears, which radiate the heat into the environment. The cool blood circulates to the lower area of your brain, causing a fresh mind and creative thoughts.”

Blood, Circulation, Head, Ear, Brain, Christian Ridder, Fun, Cartoon

“Aha… those with the biggest ears are best suited to think!” Snorrrebaard says.

“Right!. But one can help nature a bit. Try this: It’s a Coolman. I made it myself from a Walkman combined with parts of an old fridge.”

Krullestaart helps Snorrebaard to place the device on his head.

Brain, Overheated, Cooling, Walkman, Fridge, Ideas, Fresh mind, Christian Ridder, Cartoon, Fun


“Wait a second…  the driver for the right side of my brain gets installed… my operation system gets rebooted… Activation of the grey cells… Ooooh! I think I already have a great idea already!”


“Let’s get an ice-cream!”

The Quatschtronauts