New world record at the Berlin marathon

Just when Snorrebaard opens a bottle of bear and makes himself comfortable in the afternoon sun, Krullestaart gets back from his training run. Snorrebaard sees straight away, that something is wrong with his friend. He is completely green!

“Quick! Take a seat! Did you overstrain yourself?” he asks.

Krullestaart dismisses: “No Panic. Everything is okay!”

“But take a look at yourself: you have a very unhealthy coloring!”

“Don’ worry, that’s supposed to be like that,” Krullestaart says vividly. “This green is not a common pigment: these is chlorophyll, retrieved from green leaves. I have tattooed them under my skin.

Snorrebaard stares at his friend with his mouth wide open. “You are green because of a full-body tattoo?”

Krullestaart nods. “Have you ever heard from photosynthesis? When the sun is shining, the chlorophyll under my skin transform the carbon-dioxide in my blood straight into new oxygen and sugar!” he explains.

Photosyntheses, Solar Energy, Muscle energy, Tattoo, Chlorophyll, Berlin Marathon, World Record

“And what’s the purpose?” Snorrebaard wants to know.

“Well, isn’t that obvious?” Krullestaart says “This way, I can boost my sports performance to incredible heights!”

Conspiratorially he adds: “Next week the Berlin Marathon takes place. You will see: When the competition runs out of puff, I will be racing inexhaustibly. A finish time of less than 4 hours should be possible!”

“But isn’t that cheating?” Snorrebaard asks.

Krullestaart smiles his concerns away. “green leaves and sunlight are not on the list of prohibited substances yet.”

“Well then… let’s hope the Indian summer will last a few more days!”

The Quatschtronauts.