Ice Age 2011

“Come on, make up your mind! How do you want to pay your rent?” Krullestaart asks. “Eighter you give me all your railway stations, or you have to take a mortgage on the last street you own!”

Snorrebaard desperately looks to the clock. When will it finally be midnight? By then, this round of Monopoly will end, and he would be released from this miserable situation. But somehow, time seems to slow down during the cause of the evening. Last time when he passed start, wasn’t it two to twelve already?

“Krullestaart, something is wrong”, he says. “I think, the clock is broken down.”

“Can’t be. I changed the batteries just one week ago.”

“No, really… please turn on the TV. I just want to make sure we don’t miss out midnight.”

The television screen shows a clock, with a christmas tree in the background. The clock indicates it’s two to twelve.

“You see, everything is all right”, Krullestaart says. “So: Railway stations or mortgage?”

But Snorrebaard still watches the television. “Look! Even on television the fingers of the clock are frozen!”

“What’s on the other channels?” Krullestaart asks.

Hectically, Snorrebaard pushes the buttons of the remote control. On channel one, an orchestra plays the first few tones of Beethoven’s ninth symphony again and again. The commercial channel presents a new-years eve talk show. However, all celebrity guest are frozen stiff and keep quiet.

Now Krullestaart gets suspicious too. “What is going on? It seems, as if the whole world is on hold.” He walks to the window and looks to the stars in the sky. “Would the earth still be turning around?” he wonders. “I’ve got it. Let’s have a look through the Annologoscope! That might give us a clue.”

The Quatschtronauts hurry into the cellar. A few minutes later the Annologoscope, a device they used a year ago to study the subjective annual perception, is set up in front of the window. Krullestaart searches the sky through the objective. “I think, our current position on the earth’s time axis should be located somewhere overthere…”

“Unbelievable!”  Krullestaart screams. “Not just the world is hit by the winter chaos. Even the time axis is frozen!”

Snorrebaard pushes Krullestaart aside to have a look by himself. Indeed… 2011 is covered by thick layer of ice.

“Can’t we organize a snowplough?” he asks

“Snowploughs are all busy to clean the normal roads. For the Milky Street there is no capacity left.”

“Maybe we can de-freeze the time axis. Just like they do with aeroplanes.”

“The storage tanks are all empty. And the trucks with fresh supply are all struck on the motorway.”

Snorrebaard swallows. „Does that mea,n we have to play monopoly untill the ice is melted away?”

Krullestaart smiles. “You know, we don’t have to wait, until the time-ax is free.  Why should the future be warm, straight and clear? Come on, take your warm clothes, then we glide into the new year!

Relieved, Snorrebaard puts the Monopoly back into the box and pulls a hat over his ears.

“Well then…. Happy New Year!”

The Quatschtronauts