The Mideawife

It has been silent at the Quatschquarry for quit a long time. But suddenly this calm is disturbed by moaning noises

“Ooaaaah ….ooaaa…oooh… Ah!”

“What was that?” Snorrebaard wonders.

The moaning passes into whining.

Krullestaart? Snorrebaard perks up his ears. Is it his friend, who makes these funny noises?

When has he seen Krullestaart for the last time? Now he thinks about it… That is already some days ago. And didn’t he look a bit confused recently?

He quickly goes searching for his friend. He doesn’t need long: He hears him scream behind the closed door of his study.

“Aaaaah! … Aaaaah!… Aaaaah!”

Snorrebaard is shortly in doubt. Is he allowed to access the room?

But then he notices another voice. Low but definite: “Very well, Krullestaart… I can see something coming now… I sparkling idea… Set it free, Krullestaart!”

A scream: „Oaaoaoahaaaaaooaaauuu!“ followed by an eerie silence

When Krullestaart knocks on the door, it is opened by an old woman.

“Don’t worry, young man,” she says with a smile. “Everything went well. Krullestaart was very brave. He gave birth to a beautiful idea .”

Before Snorrebaard could respond, she slips through the door and disappears.

Discreetly, he enters the study.

“Everything Okay, Krullestaart?”,

Krullestaart sits on the edge of a Sofa. He doesn’t answer as he looks delightful on something he carefully holds in his arms. Snorrebaard bends over his shoulders and has a look.

“Wow!” he is thrilled. “How did you get into that?”

Krullestaart points on a poster on the wall.

“You see, everybody carries potentially good ideas in himself. But if they are not inseminated, .

carried out and brought to birth, they will never see the light of day.

The mideawife helps with the ideation, fertilization, Pregnancy, birth and maturation of good ideas

Snorrebaard nods. How long had it been since he had his last fertile period?

Krullestaart seems to able to read his mind, and slips him a card.

“Here, that is the telephone number of he Mideawife you just met. She has not only helped me with the birth, she also knows a good address for artificial inspiration. Sometimes nature needs a little help, if things don’t come all by themselves.

“Thanks,” Snorrebaard says, and carefully puts the card away.

Again he admires Krullestaart new-born idea. He is touched by the small, lighting bulb. Would it have a name already?

Suddenly he feels a twitch in his stomach… Yes, he already has one!


The Quatschtronauts