Rescue plan for Holland and the world

Krullestaart comes out of the bathroom, wet all over.

“Snorrebaard, have you seen my swallow-tailed coat?

“Your tailcoat? No… I didn’t know you had one.”

“Hmm. That’s bad,” Krullestaart says. “I might have to receive a Nobel price any moment.”

“A Nobel price? I thought the Nobel prices are awarded in October?” Snorrebaard asks.

“You are right. However, as I just rescued the world, the committee may be so enthusiastic that they advance the ceremony. Besides that, it is just a matter of time until the Dutch queen will raise me to the honor of knighthood.”

Snorrebaard raises his eyebrows. “Wait a moment. You have saved the world? How is that?”

Krullestaart grins. “Follow me”, he says and takes his friend into the bathroom.

“I just had this brilliant idea how to save the world while taking a bath. It is quit amazing that nobody has thought of it before. But that’s the way it is with world-shaking concepts.”

Snorrebaard hardly listens. He looks at the bathtub which is filled to the edge. The tap is open and even more water pours into the tub. “Is the tap broken?” he asks anxiously.

“No, this is a model simulating the effect of climate change on the sea level. The bathing water is the North sea, the bathtub is a dike, and the Dutch are living on the floor of the bathroom.”

Krullestaart observes the situation for a while. Then he says thoughtfully: “It is not completely the same. Because of the spill hole in the bathtub the surplus of water is discharged. In addition, we can simply pull the plug.”

“Right! You’ve got it! That’s exactly what I will propose the Dutch, to prevent their country from being flooded by the water from the sea of from the rivers: Drainage of the North sea, and spill-holes along the river dikes.”

Snorrebaard must smile benignly. How naive his friend can be. Where is the water supposed to go?

But it seems as if Krullestaart is able to read his mind. “And the water… flows all the way down to Australia!

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Water from the North sea is discharched by a tunnel through the earth's core. The Dutch keep dry feet.

It takes quit some time for Krullestaart to explains all the details of his rescue plan for Holland and the World: How the Dutch will keep their feet dry by means of the drainage, how the climatic balance will recover due to the new rain forests in Australia, and how water and steam turbines in the magma tunnel will generate enough green electricity to allow all nuclear power plants to be shut down.

When he’s finally finished, the phone rings. Snorrebaard picks up the phone, but hands over to Krullestaart. “It’s for you. Queen Beatrix wants to speak to you.”

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