Alter Alter Ego

After breakfast, Snorrebaard studies the “people” column on the back of the newspaper.

“Listen to this!” he says, and quotes:

“On April the 27th, Christian Ridder, creator of the Quatschtronauts, celebrated his 40th birthday in a private setting. In line with the motto of the party, “alter ego”, most guests had taken the opportunity to show themselves in a different light. From witches, aristocrats and alcoholics to Gods: all kind of second identities were represented. The host himself was completely covered in yellow and his ears were much bigger then usual: just like the Quatschtronauts.”

“Why didn’t he invite us in person?” krullestaart asks.

“That doesn’t surprise me… We’re just bits and bytes on an internet server”,  Snorrebaard answers.

“But we wouldn’t have come as our selves, would we? My alter ego could just as well have a human shape. I think, my alter ego is Albert Einstein.”

“Einstein?… But that’s impossible! When I am the alter ego of Christian Ridder, then he must be my alter Ego, right?” Snorrebaard argues.

The alter egos of Christian Ridder are the Quatschtronauts. The alter Ego of theQuatschtonauts is Einstein

“You mean: Alter Alter Ego = Ego” Krullestaart says.

“That’s exactly how a mathematician would put it!”

“You see, that proves that Einstein is my Alter Ego!”

“Hmm… but can the equation still be satisfied?”

“Of course!”

Krullestaart takes a piece of chalk, and solves the formula on the blackboard:

Alter alter ego = Ego. Equation and Solution. Albert Einstein = Christian Ridder. Cartoon

“Very likely! Congratulations!”

The Quatschtronauts