„Snorrebaard, can you please help me?“ Krullestaart calls. „Sorry, I can’t. Today is a relegious day of rest“ „Wasn’t that yesterday as well?“ „That’s right!“ snorrebaard says. „And tomorrow?“ „Tomorrow is a Sunday.… Continue reading

New world record at the Berlin marathon

Just when Snorrebaard opens a bottle of bear and makes himself comfortable in the afternoon sun, Krullestaart gets back from his training run. Snorrebaard sees straight away, that something is wrong with his… Continue reading

Alter Alter Ego

After breakfast, Snorrebaard studies the “people” column on the back of the newspaper. “Listen to this!” he says, and quotes: “On April the 27th, Christian Ridder, creator of the Quatschtronauts, celebrated his 40th… Continue reading

iBed – for more Interaction in the bedroom

Now there is scientific proof of what everyone has been suspecting already: Humans spend more time on petting smartphones, rather than petting other people. How can the exponential growth of mental and physical… Continue reading

Airtube – live saving equipment in case you fall through the ice

Krullestaart has almost left the house, when Snorrebaard calls after him. “Krullestaart! Stop! Where are you going?” “Eh… Ice skating” “ICE SKATING!!!??? That is much too dangerous! The isn’t thick enough yet! Do… Continue reading

To question or not to question

Holiday simulator

Snorrebaard sits in front of his Laptop and grumbles. “Work Life Diet”. That’s much easier said then done. As soon as you drop your private and professional responsibilities and go on holidays, a… Continue reading

Work-Life Diet

Each night before Snorrebaard goes to sleep he checks his work-life balance. Does the number of Textbooks in his office equal the number of adventure stories on his bookshelf? Did he drink as… Continue reading

Touch Screen Transmitted Disease (TSTD)

It’s late in the morning when Snorrebaard stumbles into the kitchen, dressed in his bathing gown. “I feel so bad”, he moans. “What’s up?” Krullestaart wants to know. “Did you drink too much?… Continue reading

The Mideawife

It has been silent at the Quatschquarry for quit a long time. But suddenly this calm is disturbed by moaning noises “Ooaaaah ….ooaaa…oooh… Ah!” “What was that?” Snorrebaard wonders. The moaning passes into… Continue reading