Easter egg bunny (Lepus Pascha Ovum)

Unbelievable, how bunny-droppings can cause a sensational biologic discovery!

Why does a bunny hides easter eggs? So far, the question is only solved from a cultural and social perspective. Both the bunny and the egg are symbols of fertility, and they somehow got together in the 17th century. A biological explanation is never seriously been researched. Actually, we also found the answer just by accident.

First, we just wanted to know why our bunny friend Willi produces such perfectly round droppings. An X-ray showed us that he internalized the mechanics of a marble mill! Does the species “Lepus Mechanica” excist?

To support our thesis that we discovered a species, rather then a single mutated exemplar, we went searching for a second bunny with this sophisticated mechanic. Accidentally, an old rabbit was digging around in our Quatschquarry, who volunteered to be X-rayed. We were shocked to find out that he was internally equipped with all the machines to grind, cast, rotate and spray.

Obviously, the Lepus Mechanica has developed itself in the cause of the evolution into an Easter egg bunny (“Lepus Pascha Ovum”). If he reproduces himself as fast as other type of rabbits, you will soon find chocolate eggs after Easter. Just keep searching!

Happy Easter!

The Quatschtronauts