The Consumate

Oh man! Krullestaart cannot believe it. Why should billions and billions be invested in bankrupt countries like Portugal and Greece? Why do European finance ministers still believe, that this would encourage economic growth? The problem is not a lack of money: The true bottleneck is caused by the consumers themselves! The shopping streets are full with people who can hardly carry their overloaded shopping bags, which proves that normal consumers are just not able to consume more than they already do.

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This congestion is caused by an unbalanced level of automation within the economic spiral. Most important processes – like production, transportation and financing – are fully automated. Just “consuming” itself still involves human activity. People however, simply can not coop with the high velocity of the other economic processes.

fully automated shopping cart as solution for economic crisis

Therefor the latest inventions of the Quatschtronauts is now on the road all over Europe: The Consumate. This fully-automated shopping cart finds its way into the shop, takes goods from the shelves, puts them in the basket, and pays at the cash register with the credit card from Wolfgang Schäuble, the German finance minister. Most of this money will flow back as taxes into the treasury. The state will reinvest this money in further Consumates. In no time, also the Greek economy will be up to speed again.

Up we go! (with the economic spiral)

The Quatschtronauts.