Tailwind Tunnel

As modern, ecologically sound living mice, the Quatschtronauts use to go shopping by bicycle. Usually they enjoy their trip through the Brandenburger flatland to the marketplace in the nearest village . However, when Snorrebaard returns from shopping this time, he is soaked to the skin.

“Did you forget your raincoat?”, Krullestaart asks.

“No, I am all in a sweat. Haven’t you been outside yet? It’s really stormy!  At first, I got the wind behind. But on the way back it was a real struggle.”

“Maybe we should build an electric car. If we charge it with green electricity, that would still be environmentally sound”, Krullestaart suggests.

“Hmmm…”, Snorrebaard thinks loudly . “A lot of energy gets lost due to the conversion of wind energy into electricity, the charging of the batteries, and turning the chemical energy back into mechanical power. It would be much better, if we manage to utilize the wind energy straight away…”

Suddenly Krullestaart remembers: “Of course! A long time ago, when I cycled to school though the Dutch polder landscape, I had this idea of a Tailwind Tunnel …”

He digs into his drawers and pulls out a sketch.

Cycling, Tunnel, Wind, Energy

“Brilliant!” Snorrebaard confirms. “I think, it’s high time to finally build your invention. The road to the market place would be the perfect test track.”

There is no better remedy against an autumn depression then a tailwind tunnel.

The Quatschtronauts

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