Hierarchy of needs in the digital age

“Krullestaart? Krullestaart? Hallo? Wo bist du?” Snorrebaard shouts.

“I am up here!”


“Up here! Can you see the old computer monitor with the software packages on top?”

Snorrebaard looks up to the top of the pile.

“All I can see is a cloud!”

“Oh you cheese brain, that’s not a cloud. That is the internet!”

“And what do you do up there, in the internet?”

“Well, first I searched for train connections and bargains. But that’s not enough for me any more. Now, I’m carrying together all my Facebook friends”, Krullestaart answers, as he piles up another profile picture on top of his collection.

Maslow, Christian, Fun, Cartoon, Internet

“And what good is that?” Snorrebaard asks.

“Why? I’m sure that you have heard about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. In the digital age, that should be interpreted slightly different: When basic needs like Hardware, Software and Internet Access are satisfied, you should start to manage your social network online. The ultimate goal is to realize your “Digital Me”, Krullestaart explains as he climbs higher and higher on his pyramid of needs.

“But Krullestaart, I need you down here, in the real world!” Snorrebaard shouts desperately.

“11100010 10011110” Krullestaart answers.


„11000100 10011000 00110101!“

“Krullestaart?!? What’s wrong? Why do you talk so strange? … 110? Ah, I understand! I should call the emergency hotline… wait…”

Snorrebaard quickly grabs his mobile phone.

“Yes, hello, this is Snorrebaard speaking. Can you please come to the Quatschquarry? I’m afraid that my friend… Excuse me? All rescue teams are busy, because the Babylonian pyramid of needs is about to tumble down, due to the confusion between analogue and digital languages?”

Snorrebaard is shocked and cuts the connection.

“I should bring myself in safety first. Let me see, where is the entry to my digital existence?

Aha, here is a link: Quatschtronauts at Facebook.

Now I just need to press the “Like” button to eternalize myself on this page and I’ll be saved.”

The Quatschtronauts