“What’s that?”, Krullestaart asks Snorrebaard on new year’s eve. “A device, to see whether something is left in the bottle?”

“Not at all. I’m making a telescope. The bottom of the bottle, the glasses and the magnifying glass are positioned in a way that I can study the sky tonight.”

“Tonight? I thought we were going to play games tonight?”

“Playing games, playing games… It’s the same song every year. The games can wait. At midnight the earth will go from this year into the next. I want to see what orbital point marks that exact location. Wait, I’ll have a look, maybe I can see something already…”

Snorrebaard takes position under his optical instrument and peers into the dark night.

“Something isn’t right yet, Krullestaart. All I can see are music scores.”

“Music Scores?”

“Yes music scores. The earth follows an endless stave. And look, over there… That is a ‘da capo’ coming up – that means, we start all over from the start.”

“That cannot be. That must be planets… or asteroids. Let me have a look!”

Krullestaart pushes Snorrebaard aside and looks up.

“But… that isn’t a stave. That is a racetrack! And that’s no ‘da capo’, that’s the start of the next lap!


Snorrebaard sits down and thinks deeply.

“I got it!” he shouts exited. “By the end of December, many people review the past year. They give it a meaning, that goes far beyond its astronomical dimension of one lap around the sun. This here”, he sais proudly, “is a device to study that subjective perception of the year!”

Krullestaart looks sceptical.

“You see, if you peer into a bottle of wine, you observe your own spirituality. Due to the glasses, you have a different view. And the magnifying glass exaggerates the picture!”

“Aha!”, Krullestaart sais. “And that picture, that metaphor for your perception of the year, we call an annology!”

Krullestaart chances the identity filter and studies Snorrebaards annology…

“A very sensual perception, I would say. But there is some risk that it may become monotonously. I wish you an adagio in A major, interrupted by an allegro appassiona in springtime!”

“Now I want to observe your annology!”, Snorrebaard sais. “Your racetrack indicates a rather playful or even competitive attitude. There are many emissions of volatile thoughts in your orbit. You can still see the smoke of your evaporated New Year’s resolutions from the beginning of last year… I wish you a good trip, and hope nobody will wave the flag for the final lap.”

“And Christian, how does his upcoming year look like?”, asks Krullestaart as he changes the identity filter again. “ A year like a rollercoaster?… No. There is only one remedy: To get out and to leave the paved way.”

We wish you a joyful 2010.

The Quatschtronauts