Look, Krullestaart, your design for the Tailwindtunnel has not only been discussed by our visitors: Also the readers from “Rad-spannerei” and members of „Car Free France“ are enthusiastic.


“They even describe a solution for a Tailwind-tunnel without any moving parts, as well as an idea to avoid the different tunnel-segments and simplify the traffic-guidance.”

„You’r right, we can certainly learn something from these bicycle constructors“, Krullestaart admits.

„Still, some problems have not been solved yet: The landscape is disturbed by the tunnel, and animals cannot pass by“, Snorrebaard says. „Also, it’s a pity that the whole thing is useless if it is not windy.“

Krullestaart, lost in thought, stares at the ground.

„Recently, I’ve read that the potential of geothermal energy is hardly used”, he thinks loudly. “Maybe we can utilize hot steam from the bowels of the earth to get things going?“

„What!? You want to blow hot steam through the tunnel!?“ Snorrebaard asks horrified. “I’ll be cooked alive!”

“No no, that’s not what I mean… we should go surfing in stead of sailing!”

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“And what happens in case of oncoming traffic?” Snorrebaard wants to know.

“Vehicles from the other direction surf on their own wave. The passing wave will just lift you up briefly, and then you can continue your ride.”

“Cool! Can you start to drill holes into the ground, please? I’ll get my Skateboard prepared!”

Ride the Wild Surf !

The Quatschtronauts.