Flop Management

„Now, is this what you wanted?” Krullestaar asks annoyed.

“What did I want?” Snorrebaard replies.

“IT-nationalisation. As soon as we IT-nationalised, the employees in far-away offices start to experiment themselves. Look at this… the Dutch Sales Manager has tried to make his mark with “Tenenkaas”.”

You know what that means, Tenenkaas? Toe-Cheese. It stinks like hell and has nothing to do with real cheese!”

Hmmm… who knows…. Maybe we can conquer the highly profitable market of feet-fetishists,” Snorrebaard wonders.

“What? You want to allow this humbug?”


“You’re kidding.”

“No. I recently participated a Management seminar about Flop Management. Wait. I’ll show you the presentation material…

This Dutch sales guy is a typical Flop Manager. A bit chaotic, but very creative. As long as not all our sales-managers act like that, it’s not so bad.”

“The Italian and French Sales Managers are getting crazy too”, Krullestaart opposes.

“Well, then we have to promote him. Let’s have a look at our organisational tree…”

“The R&D bud is ready to blossom”

“Perfect!” Snorrebaard says. “We assign him as Director Research and Development

“Aaaah…. He smells so good!”

The Quatschtronauts.