Cauliflower for bio-computing

The Vidi-Vino is a great success. In just two days, the photos are downloaded several thousand times. And the best thing is: Because watching pictures of whine stimulates the appetite for cheese, the sales of E-Cheese licenses has increased by a factor hundred. The only problem is, that the servers cannot handle the run on the Digital Food Portal and crash…

Snorrebaard is desperately searching for Krullestaart, but he can’t find him, neighter in the workshop nor in the server room. Finally he discovers his colleague in the vegetable garden on top of the Quatschquarry.

“Krullestaart! How can you just water your cauliflowers? Didn’t you notice that our website is down at the moment?” he says, out of breath.

“I know. Yesterday I already suspected the website to break down soon.” Krullestaart answers calmly.

“But why don’t you do something? Can’t you get some extra hardware in place?” Snorrebaard says.

“That is exactly what I am doing right now”, Krullestaart replies as he sticks some electrodes on the heads of a cauliflower. “Ordering new servers can take weeks, and due to the current shortage on semiconductors, they are too expensive anyway. Therefore I am working on an alternative solution.”

He proudly points at his vegetable patch. “Bio-computing! This is the first cauliflower power hosting facility.”

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“Plants are much more intelligent then we use to think. They do not only react on kind words, they can even solve difficult cognitive problems. You just have to speak the correct language.”

“Can you?”

“Not directly, but with help of an analogue/biologue converter electronic signals can be translated in a way that you can communicate with plants. I want to apply the vegetable intelligence of cauliflower heads to expand our server capacity…. Attention!”

Krullestaart plugs the cable of the digital/analogue converter, which is connected ahead of the analogue/biologue converter, into the load-balancer.

Only a gentle, almost invisible shiver through the leaves of the cauliflower reveals that the vegetable patch just became part of the world wide web.

The Quatschtronauts