Touch Screen Transmitted Disease (TSTD)

It’s late in the morning when Snorrebaard stumbles into the kitchen, dressed in his bathing gown.

“I feel so bad”, he moans.

“What’s up?” Krullestaart wants to know. “Did you drink too much? Or have you eaten old mold cheese?”

Snorrebaard shakes his head. He is too exhausted to answer properly.

“Did somebody infect you with a flu?”

“No…” Snorrebaard says. “I have not been outside in the last couple of days.”

Worried, Krullestaart sees how his friend lies his head on the kitchen tale. “But what have you done? Some reason must be there?”

Then something beeps. Krullestaart observes, how Snorrebaard takes his new smart-phone out of the pocket of his bathing gown to see what message has reached him.

“Of course…” Krullestaart says. “You have a TSTD!”

But Snorrebaard is too busy sweeping with his fingers over the surface of his telephone, and doesn’t listen at all.

“You have a Touch Screen Transmitted Disease“, Krullestaart repeats. “That is even worse than a Sexual Transmitted Disease

At the word sexual Snorrebaard finally listens. “Excuse me?”

Mutated Computer Virus infects living creatures via touch screens

“Your new iPhone is to blame”, Krullestaart explains. “Until recently, computer viruses could not be transmitted to biological creatures. There always was a keyboard or a mouse between you and your computer. But that has dramatically changed by the introduction of touch screens. Now the user has direct contact with the electronic viruses.”

“Humbug. I can not get ill from computer viruses,” Snorrebaard replies sceptically.

“Not in the past.. But it was just a matter of time, until the code has mutated in a way that it also can infect us… Wait…”

Krullestaart takes Snorrebaards smart-phone and reveals in a few moves the source-code of the evildoer on the screen.

” Recently, program codes have changed towards a more analogue appearance and thus became harmful for real-live creatures!”

Mutated Computer virus infects living creature

“Devil_in_desguise.TSTD is one of the most contagious viruses going around. Once it has peaked your fingers, small devils will spread all over your body.”

Snorrebaard becomes even more pale then he already was. “And now?”

“Well, the problem is, that the defense systems of your body does not react to this new type of intruders yet. We must provide some help.”

“But how?”

“With an anti-virus of course!” Krullestaart answers. “The race between good and evil programmer has already reached this new territory. I just updated my iPad with the latest anti-virus software: Gordian_Angels.TSTM is supposed to cure.”
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The anti-virus on the iPad helps to scare away the mutated computer viruses

Expectantly Snorrebaard strokes the picture

“I think, I start feeling better now…”

The Quatschtronauts