Snorrebaard sits in front of a pile of purchase request, provided by the newly established financial control department, that he has to sign off. Doubtfully he shakes his head and picks up the phone.

“Copier, coffee machine, sofa… Krullestaart, what is all that stuff supposed to be for?”

“Internal Relationship Management, dear colleague!”

“Internal Relationship Management? Never heard about.”

“And I thought, you had a Master in Disaster of Business Administration?

OK, I’ll explain it to you. Since our organisation has expanded so much in the last few days, we have to take special measures to support the information exchange between different departments. As stated by the ten C’s of IRM, I want to encourage personal relationships between employees.”

“I think that’s just a waste of time and energy…,” Snorrebaard opposes.

“That would be the case, if the process is not properly managed. To keep things under control I invented the Copy-Coffee-Couch. Thanks to the smart configuration of the single elements, a very high IRM-efficiency can be achieved.

Well then, I will approve your purchase requests… and I will familiarize the new girl of the control department with all features of the Copy-Coffee-Couch right away.

Coffee break?

The Quatschtronauts.