Recently, we observe a strange phenomenon here in Berlin: New buildings appear in every empty building lot! We did some causal research, and found out, that it is NOT because of the construction-eager Schwabian tenderfeet.

In the beginning of the last century, many of the urban districts of Berlin were build in just a few years. Over time, empty spaces appeared as some buildings have been destroyed. What did the former architects do, that one hundred years later these empty lots fill-up all by themselves? The answer to this questions is provided by modern genetic research.

By means of microscopic analysis we found out, that DNA-strings are included in the crystalline structure of the cement used for old buildings. We compared this DNA string with   the human genome and identified it as a gene called “Osr2”, which is exactly the same gene that is responsible for development and positioning of teeth of living creatures! By means of a simple experiment – we added some teeth into a concrete mix – we managed to reproduce the particular crystal structure.

This way, it is easy to explain why empty building lots are getting rare nowadays. Just like humans, which change their teeth after 6 years, buildings change their substance after hundred years. Old buildings become unstable due to the new buildings coming up. As soon as the lot is empty, the upper floor of a new building pops up, and a just few month later the new house will be ready. We call this way of construction “dentitecture”.

Did the former berlin architect know what they did, when they mixed sediments with fossil shark teeth into their mortar?

We believe in coincidence.

The Quatschtronauts