The anti-capitalistic wall of sound

In the past, the DDR was surrounded by a wall. Officially, to protect itself against bad western influences. In truth, to avoid that people would escape the country and the socialistic system would fall apart. The wall tumbled down as the system collapsed, and the way around.

It would be obvious to state that, for Cuba, the sea protects the country against capitalism. In that case, Fidel could be relieved: it would take another ice age, rather than a global warming, to dry up this natural barrier.

However, on our journey we came to another conclusion. The socialistic system in Cuba is protected by a much more subtle mechanism: the Anti-capitalistic wall of sound.

The principle is very smart. Salsa-tunes fill up the air everywhere and cover the country like a warm blanket. The music encourages everyone to pick up an instrument or to shake their hips. And those who play music or dance, can not produce nor consume anything. This way, the market-economic driving forces are disabled. Besides, it is hard to discuss politics when you are in dancing-fever, and nobody is in the mood to start a contra revolution.

*) Music fights for our dream of justice, for Cuba and for the world, as the basis for our patriotism, our socialism and our internationalism.
**) Nothing nor nobody can stop the enlightened future of Latin America and the Caribbean: Salsa.
***) The music is the daughter of the ideas and the culture.
****) Dance is unity.

The whole world waits to see what will happen when Fidel dies. We believe: The System will die when the Cuban Music expires.

Viva la Musica!

The Quatschtronauts