Meeting culture

“Well, the Copy Coffee Couch really improved our internal communication,” Snorrebaard says. “Nevertheless, we should introduce a more formal information exchange as well. Let’s invite the department manager for a weekly meeting.”

“Every week? That isn’t a meeting, that’s called a repeeting…” Krullestaart replies. “What about a short, spontanious get-together? A speeting so to speak.”

“No, then we can skip it all together. There must be enough time to take decisions.”

“You mean an agreeting? That’s way too risky! Intensive discussions easily evolve into heetings, or even beetings.”

“That may be the case as long as each individual in the me-ting sticks to his or her opinion. But can’t we create cooperative atmosphere, like a we-ting for example?”

“Good idea! I’ll arrange for some hot drinks, and we’ll organize a teating. Or a coffeeting for those who want.”

“Then we can just as well order some sandwiches and invite for an Eeting.”

“That seems a bit overdone to me. Eetings always take longer then planned. Our best-payed employees should not hang around in exceetings for hours.”

“Nonsense. With a defined agenda and concise decision documents, things will go smooth. I could prepare a few slides…”

“No! Please not another!”

“Hmm… it is really not so easy…”

meeting culture fun cartoon

“You know what? We just call it a Jour Fix. Nobody will dare to ask.”

The Quatschtronauts