iBed – for more Interaction in the bedroom

Now there is scientific proof of what everyone has been suspecting already: Humans spend more time on petting smartphones, rather than petting other people.

Sales of Smartphones - Average TLC (Tender Loving Care9 per Person per month.

How can the exponential growth of mental and physical attention for iPhones, iPads and similar products be explained? The attractiveness of the apps running on these devices can hardly be the reason: Often people just check whether the weather is in line with the forecast, or they are informed, that somebody they know is feeling bored while riding a train.

Scientists discovered that just the physical appearance of an iPhone – clean black surface on a flat device – is enough to trigger touch-reflexes in the brain. Just like the physical characteristics of the faces of babies provoke maternal affection and protective instinct.

Just like the Small chald pattern triggers maternal affection and protective instcts, the iPhone pattern provokes atention and touch-reflex

Based on this phenomenon, the Quatschtronauts have developed a line of products to stop the downwards trend in the exchange of caresses between humans.

Products that atuomatically triger attention and touch reflex. iPhne iPad Cartoon. Glasses, Bikini, Shoulderpad, Tatto, iBed

Touch me!