Body scanner

Will there soon be privacy-free zone, just in front of the tax-free zone at the airport? As soon as the first body scanners will be installed, the discussion about security versus personal rights will heat up again.

The big question is whether the loss of privacy is the true reason for resistance. Why do people, who don’t hesitate to visit a sauna or a nudist beach, have an issue with a vague electronic picture of their body-surface? When those pictures would resemble artistic nude drawings, rather then a medical X-ray or manhunt photos, people could probably be motivated to pose for the scan! This idea has prompted us to develop a completely new scanning method.

Common technologies create pictures based on ultrasonic sound waves or electromagnetic radiation. We simply use two large paint brushes to scan the body. The vibrations of the hairs of the brush are transferred via the security guard onto the canvas. In case of an artistic talented guard, the flight passenger can even choose, in what style the body art scan should be created.

The first pictures provided promising results. Guns, bomb-belts and hand grenades were successfully identified. Just a cheese plate, which had been consumed just before the check, caused confusion as it was mistakenly interpreted as sign warning for radio-activity.

Have a good flight!

The Quatschtronauts