Deer-to-Deer Communication

It was late at night, just after the first snow had felt down, when an unexpected visitor knocked on our door. Jelly bag cap, beard, red jacket, boots… Why he granted us this honor?

“You know, dear Quatschtronauts, we cannot deal with the situation anymore.”


“Yes we. Me and all the other Santa’s. Since the Holy Child focusses on its key competence – bringing peace – we have to bring all the presents on our own. As we can carry an average load of 100 presents per sledge, we have to make  800.000 trips in just 24 hours. And that is just for Germany.  Can you imagine, what that means for Airport Himmelpfort? A completely jammed runway, exhausted reindeer from flying waiting loops, and an unacceptable decrease of air-safety. Our traffic controller is on the edge of a nervous breakdown! What can we do?”

It was clear to us, that we needed an extraordinary solution this time. normally we get our inspiration for our ideas from nature. Nature as example for technic. Why don’t we do it the opposite way for a change? Technic as an example for nature? Bingo!

Mankind has a problem with jammed streets. Therefor automobile-engineers develop a so-called “car-to-car communication” system. Just like “peer-to-peer communication” in the web, the individual participants are networked with each other. This makes it possible to collect and to forward information about the traffic situation to other cars, so that they can anticipate dangerous situations.

Last night we upgraded the complete fleet of sledges with a top modern “deer-to-deer communication” system. The antlers of the reindeer are just made for acting as antennas!.

Yesterday we made the first test flights and we wer so enthusiastic, that we also installed a “pig-to-pig communication” system for the wild pigs. No more dead animals on the road!

Christmas can come.

The Quatschtronauts.