Shoeshi bar

Last week we had cold feet and we drove to town to buy warm winter shoes. However, our shopping tour was a very disappointing one. The question “how to design a shoe store… Continue reading


„Time is relative“, a famous Quatschtronaut with messy hair once discovered. But he didn’t find out how this relative perception can be transferred from one person to another, without the need to travel… Continue reading

The Golden Retriever

Dear Elke, When you asked us for a teletransporter, we did not know where to start. “Beam me up, Scotty!”… How is that supposed to work? But we were lucky. The crucial tip-off… Continue reading


So what’s up? Your family is far away right now? In that case, we may have something for you… The Telekiss Modern communication technology is able to transmit sounds in real time and… Continue reading

The swine flu virus trap

So we are just wasting our time digging in our quatsch-quarry? We should engage ourselves with solving the truly important problems of mankind? Alright, we took a close view on this exasperating swine… Continue reading

The Quatsch-Quarry

Dear Mr. Ridder, Yes, we have to admit, we also were a bit surprised when we found that our Quatch-Compass showed us the way to the nearest rubbish dump… Untill we started digging.… Continue reading

The Quatsch Compass

Dear Mr. Ridder, Funny, once we were able to advance any distance, we asked ourselves the same question that you did: “Where shall we go?” To answer this questions, we made another useful… Continue reading

Perpetuum roller skate

Dear Mr. Ridder! You can not imagine how surprized and happy we are that you replied to our mail!  What happened? Did you finally empty your mental inbox and throw away these unfinished… Continue reading

Mail in my mental inbox

Dear Mr. Ridder, Do you remember us? We are Kruellestaart and Snorrebaard, the two mice that used to be your virtual friends. In you childhood, we were part of your fantasy, your dreams… Continue reading