Easter egg bunny (Lepus Pascha Ovum)

Unbelievable, how bunny-droppings can cause a sensational biologic discovery! Why does a bunny hides easter eggs? So far, the question is only solved from a cultural and social perspective. Both the bunny and… Continue reading


Recently, the results of an international bird-research have been published, for which thousands of birds have been interviewed about their emotional state of mind. According to the report, Hummingbirds are the happiest birds… Continue reading

Frozen Time Zone

It’s half past four in the morning and Krullestaart sits wide awake on Snorrebaards bed. “So, what is you first impression about Cuba?” Snorrebaard asks. “I like it! Except for the time difference…… Continue reading

The anti-capitalistic wall of sound

In the past, the DDR was surrounded by a wall. Officially, to protect itself against bad western influences. In truth, to avoid that people would escape the country and the socialistic system would… Continue reading

Body scanner

Will there soon be privacy-free zone, just in front of the tax-free zone at the airport? As soon as the first body scanners will be installed, the discussion about security versus personal rights… Continue reading

A sheep cloud called Daisy

“Hurry up, Snorrebaard! You must see this!”, Krullestaart excitedly sais, as she stumbles into Quatsch Quarry. “A masacre!” Together they climb up the hill and peer into the grey cloudy sky. “Do you… Continue reading


“What’s that?”, Krullestaart asks Snorrebaard on new year’s eve. “A device, to see whether something is left in the bottle?” “Not at all. I’m making a telescope. The bottom of the bottle, the… Continue reading

Deer-to-Deer Communication

It was late at night, just after the first snow had felt down, when an unexpected visitor knocked on our door. Jelly bag cap, beard, red jacket, boots… Why he granted us this… Continue reading


Recently, we observe a strange phenomenon here in Berlin: New buildings appear in every empty building lot! We did some causal research, and found out, that it is NOT because of the construction-eager… Continue reading

Canned Sunshine

It’s well known, that a little bit of sunshine is good for the heart. So why does mankind still depend on the weather for this “therapeutic pleasure”? In wintertime, some places have six… Continue reading