Inventions for the Dutch National Football team.

“Did you see that? 2-0 for Holland!” Snorrebaards shouts, as he tries to be louder then the vuvuzelas. “Our efforts have shown result!” “Psssst”, Snorrebaard says “Be quiet! That is top secret! We… Continue reading

Mielathlon trainer versus bodytoaster

„Where have you been?“, Snorrebaard wants to know, as Krullestaart enters the office with wet fur at 10:30. „Sorry for being late, but I really had to do some sports today. Due to… Continue reading

Meeting culture

“Well, the Copy Coffee Couch really improved our internal communication,” Snorrebaard says. “Nevertheless, we should introduce a more formal information exchange as well. Let’s invite the department manager for a weekly meeting.” “Every… Continue reading


Snorrebaard sits in front of a pile of purchase request, provided by the newly established financial control department, that he has to sign off. Doubtfully he shakes his head and picks up the… Continue reading

The org-chart orchard

Krullestaart stumbles  into Snorrebaards workshop with a watering can. „Do you have a shovel for me? “Excuse me… I thought, we are an e-commerce company, not a garden center!” “I know, but I… Continue reading


“Krullestaart!” Snorrebaard storms Krullestaart small workshop and shouts agitated. “Where are those E-Cheese Printers? Since our moon-ad is placed, we are flooded by orders!” “Listen, you Cheese Executive Officer, it was not my… Continue reading

Talk about the weather

Dear berlin-based frequent visitors, Tuesday evening, May 4th, Christian Ridder will give a tour through his mental inbox. For more information, please have a look at Hope to meet you there! the… Continue reading

Advertisement IS rocket science

“Now we have a top product and a lot of seed capital… how are we going to draw attention to our business?”, Krullestaart sighted. “In the real world, virtually every wall is covered… Continue reading

Cheesy Business Plan

Do you really think that investors will believe in our e-cheese business model, Krullestaart? „Of course! We just have to convince them with a solid business plan. Most important is good expertise of… Continue reading


Snorrebaard and Krullestaart are having breakfast “You know”, Krullestaart says frustrated. “On paper, we are analogue, but in reality, we live a digital life.” “Hmm…”, Krullestaart answers absent-minded. “Have look around. Everything gets… Continue reading