Tailwind Tunnel

As modern, ecologically sound living mice, the Quatschtronauts use to go shopping by bicycle. Usually they enjoy their trip through the Brandenburger flatland to the marketplace in the nearest village . However, when… Continue reading

Cauliflower for bio-computing

The Vidi-Vino is a great success. In just two days, the photos are downloaded several thousand times. And the best thing is: Because watching pictures of whine stimulates the appetite for cheese, the… Continue reading

Watching Vidi-Vino

Just before midnight, Snorrebaard leaves his office. Through the the open door of the workshop, he sees how Krullestaart intensively watches his laptop. “Krullestaart! Still busy?” Krullestaart quickly puts the screen down. “Eeeh,… Continue reading

Hierarchy of needs in the digital age

“Krullestaart? Krullestaart? Hallo? Wo bist du?” Snorrebaard shouts. “I am up here!” “Where?” “Up here! Can you see the old computer monitor with the software packages on top?” Snorrebaard looks up to the… Continue reading

The one-armed consultant

Snorrebaard and Krullestaart are evaluating their key performance indicators. “Our revenues are stagnating,” Krullestaart complains “Certainly just a summer-dip”, Snorrebaard tries to justify the situation. “But the orders for autumn are going down…”… Continue reading


I can’t understand, how you are able to wear a headset during work,“ Snorrebaard says. „Especially when the weather is that warm!“ „This isn’t a headset, this is a Coolman! I need this… Continue reading

Wanted: Holiday Replacement (f/m)

The E-Cheese Corporation is a young and innovative company, and a market leader in the „digital food“ industry. The product and service-portfolio includes the online sales of E-Cheese licenses for a wide variety… Continue reading

Brazilie -Nederland: 0-1

Geachte Heer van Marwijk, Vannacht heben we nog net op tijd het geheim van het braziliaanse elftal ontdekt! We kwamen op het spoor door een DNA onderzoek naar de genen van  braziliaanse spelers.… Continue reading

Flop Management

„Now, is this what you wanted?” Krullestaar asks annoyed. “What did I want?” Snorrebaard replies. “IT-nationalisation. As soon as we IT-nationalised, the employees in far-away offices start to experiment themselves. Look at this…… Continue reading


„Why do you look so worried, Krullestaart, what’s up?“ „Have you seen the results of this international market research? In those countries where people love to eat cheese – Italy, Holland, France, Switzerland… Continue reading