Rescue plan for Holland and the world

Krullestaart comes out of the bathroom, wet all over. “Snorrebaard, have you seen my swallow-tailed coat? “Your tailcoat? No… I didn’t know you had one.” “Hmm. That’s bad,” Krullestaart says. “I might have… Continue reading

The Consumate

Oh man! Krullestaart cannot believe it. Why should billions and billions be invested in bankrupt countries like Portugal and Greece? Why do European finance ministers still believe, that this would encourage economic growth?… Continue reading

Process whiplash

Looking at the monthly statistics from the Human Resources department, Snorrebaard is upset: How can it be, that the number of absent employees is twice as high as normal? He is still wondering… Continue reading

The Love Generator

At 6:53 a.m. Snorrebaard suddenly wakes up. His heart beats fast. He hears his blood running through his veins. A tingling feeling in his stomach spreads all over his body… What is going… Continue reading

Dow Jones Syndrome

In December, the positive buying mood of consumers has driven the financial results of the E-Cheese company to a record height. Within the category “Kitchen-Electronics”, the cheese printers were the most sold products… Continue reading

Ice Age 2011

“Come on, make up your mind! How do you want to pay your rent?” Krullestaart asks. “Eighter you give me all your railway stations, or you have to take a mortgage on the… Continue reading

Stuttgart 65 mln. years BC

A new feasibility study related to the project “Stuttgart 21” has revealed an unexpected discovery: Who would have thought, that for 65 million years a similar building project became their undoing? The Quatschtronauts,… Continue reading

“Google-Trap” Guerilla-Marketing

Early in the morning, Krullestaart enters the Quatschquarry. He wonders about the small colorful pieces of paper, which are attached all over the place: “Free Access”, “Fashion Trends”, “Hot Stuff”, “Enlightenment”…. Maybe his… Continue reading


Look, Krullestaart, your design for the Tailwindtunnel has not only been discussed by our visitors: Also the readers from “Rad-spannerei” and members of „Car Free France“ are enthusiastic. “Really?” “They even describe a… Continue reading

Canopy bed with dream-saving feature.

„Good morning“, Krullestaart says to his friend Snorrebaard at breakfast. “Did you sleep well?” “Very well. I had a beautiful dream last night.” “Really?” Krullestaart asks. “I rarely have any dreams. And when… Continue reading