“Google-Trap” Guerilla-Marketing

Early in the morning, Krullestaart enters the Quatschquarry. He wonders about the small colorful pieces of paper, which are attached all over the place: “Free Access”, “Fashion Trends”, “Hot Stuff”, “Enlightenment”….

Maybe his friend Snorrebaard has something to do with it?

Then he spots a sign above the entry to the basement stairs: “Underground Sex”

What is that supposed to be?

He sneaks down the staircase and carefully feels his way though the dark. Another piece of paper shimmers on the ground: “Darkroom”…? He bends down to pick up the note and…


A jabbing pain in his tail penetrates his body. He is caught in a trap!

Suddenly the light is switched on, and Krullestaart sees Snorrebaard creeping out of his hiding-place

“Oh man, Krullestaart, you spoiled everything!” Snorrebaard says disappointed.

“Help me…” Krullestaart groans.

It takes a while until Snorrebaard has freed Krullestaars tail from the trap.

“What is this shit all about!?” Krullestaart asks upset.

“I try to optimize our Quatschquarry for search engines.”

“Search Engine Optimization?”

“Excact! Google regularly sends Webcrawlers into the internet world. These small programs crawl through billions of websites, searching for interesting keywords. Only indexed pages can be found via Google”, Snorrebaard explains. “I attached those tags in order to attract the webcrawler to our place.”

“But why do these tags lure into a trap?”

“Well… I want to catch the Webcrawler, take him hostage and then blackmail Google!” Snorrebaard answers. “Only if Google refers loads of visitors to our site, we will set the Webcrawler free!”

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Slowly Krullestaarts anger turns into admiration. Respectfully he looks at the Google-trap.

“Wow… that’s what I call guerilla marketing!”

The Quatschtronauts.