Shoeshi bar

Last week we had cold feet and we drove to town to buy warm winter shoes. However, our shopping tour was a very disappointing one. The question “how to design a shoe store that is not just good-looking, but also provides a comfortable user-experience” wasn’t answered properly yet. We just found the same boring stores everywhere, and our stinky old shoes spoiled the shopping fun.

Such a coincidence! Back home at our  a conveyor belt and a box with colourful dishes were disposed. Thus, the answer to our question literally dropped down on our heads.

We baptised our future concept the “Shoeshi bar”

  • Different pairs of shoes are transported on a conveyor belt on dishes with different colours, indicating the size of the shoes.
  • Customers can comfortably sit down in large swivel chairs an choose shoes which they like best.
  • If you stretch your legs under the conveyor belt to get support from the service personal. Even your shoelaces get tied!
  • Simply turn 180 degrees to have a look in the mirror and see how the shoes suit you.
  • If a pair of shoes is sold, or a customer wishes shoes in an extraordinary size, a new pair is put on the conveyor belt in the storage room, which is automatically transported towards to the customer.
  • To attract pedestrians that accidental pass by, the shoes move along the shop window on their way into the store.
  • The old shoes can also be put on the conveyor belt. An upright position means “Please repair or polish”, upside down means “Please dispose”.

We still search for a partner who wants to make our shoeshi bar come true. We promise, we will come shopping soon.

The Quatschtronauts