„Time is relative“, a famous Quatschtronaut with messy hair once discovered. But he didn’t find out how this relative perception can be transferred from one person to another, without the need to travel through space by the speed of light. Even though the solutions is so simple.

Dear “Buchwolf”, you asked: How to make a schoolteacher understand that you need a break in order to be productive?

We have approached this problem with practical means. First, we cut a quarter of an hour out of your clock, and pulled the gap together. You will like the result! Each hour, time will stand still for fifteen minutes! In addition, the hands won’t move between noon and three o’ clock, in order to let you enjoy your siesta.

Plusuten_EN Kopie

As a side-effect, we discovered a new physical law: The law of conservation of time. Not just energy remains constant over time, also time cannot simply disappear.That means, that the minutes that we took from your clock, had to be transplanted by way of plusutes in another clock, in order to keep the subjective perception of time constant. Your teacher’s watch seemed to be ideal for this purpose. He will have to teach three extra hours a day, and each lesson will last fifteen minutes longer!

Soon he will beg you for permission to take a break.

The Quatschtronauts