The Golden Retriever

Dear Elke,

When you asked us for a teletransporter, we did not know where to start. “Beam me up, Scotty!”… How is that supposed to work?

But we were lucky. The crucial tip-off came walking by all by himself: a Dog. A Golden Retriever, to be more precisely.

If you see a Golden Retriever, do you also have the impression, that you have met that dog before? Not just in Berlin, but also in Ireland, in Holland or elsewhere? We found it very suspicious. It is impossible for one and the same dog to pop up anywhere anytime, except… except if the golden retriever can change from place to place by the speed of light.

We followed the dog, which name was Scotty by the way, and made an amazing discovery. The impression that you always meet the same dog is not an illusion – it’s true!

golden-retriever_en Kopie

As soon as Scotty entered his golden kennel, he suddenly vanished. The kennel was empty! But when his owner called him back, he appeared again. He was retrieved! We have discovered, that the Golden Retriever is named after their special kennel!

Next time of course, we grabbed Scotty’s tail and let us “beam” around the world. Again and again, we were retrieved by the next owner. We may be wrong, but we think we’ve also seen a kennel ready for Scotty in Sindelfingen.

So, Elkie: Go the garden, into the Golden Retriever, off to Berlin.


“Retrieve me, Scotty!”

The Quatschtronauts