The swine flu virus trap

So we are just wasting our time digging in our quatsch-quarry? We should engage ourselves with solving the truly important problems of mankind?

Alright, we took a close view on this exasperating swine influenza. Actually, these viruses are prety innocent. The problem is that they may easily mutate to a dangerous species.

schweinevirus_EN Kopie

Everybody talks about immunization. But why should you wait fighting the viruses until they arrive in your body? As we were digging our quatsch-querry, we incidentally came across a natural solution: The truffle as a virus trap.

The biological effect is very simple:

  1. The strong smell attracts the viruses.
  2. The virus docks with its nose-like receptors to the surface of truffle (which is covered with pairs of barbed nano-tubes) and cannot escape.
  3. When the truffle stops smelling, or when the flu epidemic has gone by, the truffle is disposed as hazardous waste.

(This post is kindly sponsored by the International Truffle Trade Association)

The Quatschtronauts