The Quatsch Compass

Dear Mr. Ridder,

Funny, once we were able to advance any distance, we asked ourselves the same question that you did: “Where shall we go?” To answer this questions, we made another useful invention: The quatsch compass.

First let us explain the principle.  Have you ever thought about why a “brainstorm” is so effective to generate quatsch ideas? Why do fantastic ideas automatically pop-up, as soon as the first idea has been formulated? Well, the reason is very easy: Quatsch attracts Quatsch. So once quatsch starts accumulating in space,  more quatsch will move towards this new center of gravity… very similar to a black hole absorbing all mass in its vicinity. A brainstorm can be described as “Generating a new black hole for ideas”.

Quatsch Compass

Our quatsch compass makes use of this physical principle. Like a normal compass, we set up a balanced needle that can easily rotate around its vertical axis. On one side, Snorrebaard represented the normal pole (N), wearing shirt and jeans in a common way. On the other side, Krullestaart put up a silly show, wearing his jeans and his shirt up side down.  As this quatsch (Q) was attracted to nearest center of gravity for fantastic ideas, it automatically turned in the direction we had to follow.

Follow us!

The Quatschtronauts